about my painting
In the modern world, filled with technology, mobile devices, and robots, art flowing from the need of the heart and inspiring one another, makes even more sense. Man does a lot of harm and produces ugliness, that's why I want to create reflexively, but beautifully as well.

I paint to create positive energy with light and color. 
In order to do good, I need to surround myself with beauty.
Rafał Kapica
about technology
I work contrary to modern production which can be described by the following slogan: "even more, even faster, even cheaper”.  All pictures are created in oil painting technology with my own glaze technique on hand-made supports.
My paintings are characterized by thicker looms covered with thick linen canvases with the weight of 500 g / m2, glued before priming with natural components (for example leather components or rabbit components).
Finally, everything is protected with a matte varnish, applied without brush marks but instead bringing out the depth of color, the effect of the glaze, and the intensity of the color. The final painting is characterized by high-quality craftsmanship and aesthetics, which is why these works are hung on the walls of collectors and investors, often without frames.

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