I will never forget preschool times, when I recreated the picture of Donald chewing gum on a large sheet of paper, also I wanted to have the wings of angels from church frescos - so I would draw and cut them.

Knowing nothing about the world, today I know that back then
I was an artist, a graphic artist, a designer...​​​​​​​

2022 – painting presentation "MY LAST SUN", the 19th Warsaw Art Fair,  (gallery "101 PROJEC")
2022 – individual painting exhibition "SUN", Gallery 101 PROJECT, Warsaw
2021 – painting presentation "SUNNY DIPTYCH", the 18th Warsaw Art Fair,  ("gallery 101 PROJEC")
2020 – individual poster exhibition "IT WILL NOT BE COLORFUL", Personal Improvisation Space in KIPSZ, Lodz, str. Piotrkowska 282
2019 – participation in the final exhibition of the competition “30 Years of Freedom in the Posters of Polish Artists” (Freedom poster), Gdansk City Gallery 
2016 – a series of paintings of Stars presented during the Art Night Festival - Gliwice Night of Open Galleries, Garage Gallery 
2007 – participation in the post-competition exhibition of the 20th Polish Poster Biennale (different but equal poster) 
BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice 
2006 – participation in the post-competition exhibition of the 1st International Biennale of Social and Political Poster (poster The Dictator), traveling exhibition 
2005 – diploma exhibition (Dekalog poster), “Awangarda” Gallery BWA in Wrocław 
2005 – participation in the CONFRONTATIONS 2005 exhibition in Rzeszów (portrait painting), 
Studio BWA Gallery in Wroclaw 
2004 – individual painting exhibition accompanying the premiere of Myth: Kordian (romantic collage)
at the Polish Theater in Wrocław 
2004 – individual drawing exhibition at the Municipal Art Gallery "MM" in Wroclaw 
2003 – photography exhibition accompanying the OFFensiva Festival in Wroclaw, Cinema Helios in Wroclaw

2005 – graduated from the Faculty of Graphics and Media Art of The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw
in the studio of prof. Eugeniusz Get-Stankiewicz

2003 – artistic scholarship from the city of Wroclaw

2003 – scholarship as a part of an inter-university exchange at the University of Aristotle's Thessaloniki at the Department of Graphic Design and Illustration

I invite you to visit my graphic design studio:
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